Equity financing

Equity Funding

Swastika’s IB team help startups to large corporate get private equity or venture capital funding by finding right set of investors from our vast pool of network.


Equity Funding offered by Swastika

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Start-up Funding

Our investment banking team provides mentoring to the early stage start-ups and help in building suitable business plan and strategies to sustain and scale-up.
We help start-ups in identifying fair valuation of their companies and make them investment ready.

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Private Equity Funding

Our Investment banking team advises SMEs & large corporates in raising equity funds from qualified investors. In order to get the best deal possible, we approach and negotiate with investors, ensure best possible deal structuring and attractive presentationamongst others.

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Venture Capital Funding

Swastika has a vast network of Venture Capital Fund(VCs). It bridges a gap between investors and start-ups,by approaching investors based on industry and start-up stage.Here we help early to growth stage start-ups in raising funds frompre Series A round onwards.


Seed stage, Angel investment, Venture Capital funding, Private Equity funding and IPO.
The primary source of equity funding is by approaching Angel networks, individual Investors/ HNIs or venture capital firms and bringing IPO if company is revenue generating, profitable and matches the eligibility criteria.
With equity funding, there is no burden of repaying the regular EMI payments like loan, it is more preferred than debt financing. Also, you create alliances with people who have more skills or experience, enabling your company to gain expertise and business network.
It includes venture capital, Angel networks, Corporate investment, crowd funding.
There are some of the options for investors to get paid back or exit from investment-
a. Buy-back of shares by the company or purchase by promoters of company,
b. When the existing investorssell their shares to new investors in successive round of funding,
c. Through offer for sale in IPO.