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Start-up Acceleration

Right from getting the prospectus drafting, filing and get approval from SEBI/Exchange to determining the price range to making the selling and market plan for the IPO as well as post listing support is all handled by the Merchant Bankers.
Get in touch with our team to help your company in the process of IPO listing.

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Preferential Issue of shares or securities

Early-stage or growth-driven start-up is supported by our Investment Banking team through mentoring, guidance and funding.
It offers start-up valuable tools of business at all the stages of development.

Best Stock Broker In India

Pitch-Deck and Financial Model Creation

We help start-ups in building powerful pitch decks and financial model to attract right set of investors.

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Strategy and Internal Process Building

Our team of professionals helps start-ups in building strategies and procedures for internals process to accomplish goals and identify areas of improvement.

Best Stock Broker In India

Bringing Corporate Governance

To ensure company's accountability, bringing corporate governance is a key.We help start-ups in implementing corporate governance by guiding them through rules, conduct, policies and procedures.

Best Stock Broker In India

ESOP Scheme

ESOP is considered to be the important tool to attract, encourage and retain employees.
We help start-ups in the process of implementing ESOP scheme. Also, we assist company on preparation of documentation like scheme and policy.

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