India's Leading Online Equity trading platform

India's Leading Online Equity trading platform

The stocks are listed and traded on the stock exchange platforms established by the regulatory authority. The stock exchange brings together the buyers and sellers in an open and regulated platform and facilitates trading. You can buy or sell stocks as a form of investment. The stock exchange ensures smooth clearing and settlement between buyers and sellers.


Equity Trading Strategies

India's Leading Online Equity Trading Platform


These are trades that last from minutes to few months. Investors make money on the price movements of stocks and indices during this period by buying and selling them. This strategy is called speculation.

India's Leading Online Equity Trading Platform


Investors buy stocks and hold them from several months to many years, hoping to benefit along with capital appreciation investors get dividident during holding period, also known as investing, wherein investors want to make money through dividends over the long term.


Swastika's Equity Trading Services

Cash Market/Spot Market

It is a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to trade immediately as Intraday trade and receive delivery of the securities within two days.


Futures Market

Swastika Provides future trading facility to retail clients, high net worth individuals (HNIs) and corporates. We provide high speed connectivity through state-of-art-technology at our data centers.


Future & Options Market

We provide free intraday trading recommendations so that you can Buy / Sell index & stock options to maximize your profits.


Advantages of Equity Trading

High returns: If done correctly, equity trading can prove to be a long-term investment with high returns. It may take some time to reap high stock market trading returns, but your investments can give great profits over time with patience and learning.

Liquidity: You can liquidate the shares you own anytime you want during trading hours, unlike other investments like real estate, where selling property takes time and involves many layers of procedures.

Diversification: Stocks of different companies listed on the exchange can be bought by an investor, thus making room for diversification of assets and reducing risk levels.

Control: Equity trading allows you to control your investments and manage them according to your preferences.

Advantages of Equity Trading

Frequently asked Questions

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Equity trading is associated with buying and selling of shares via stock exchanges.

Most of the beginners in the stock market go for equity trading as it is considered safe and easy to understand.

The best way to make money through equity trading is by making use of intraday trading which is extremely beneficial when you have the knowledge about the market fluctuations.

The role of equity traders is to manage the purchase and sale of stocks, making decisions that are based on market conditions and stock performance.

Equity traders may work for investment firms, mutual fund companies, or hedge funds. They may also be employed by brokerage firms and other financial institutions.

Intraday trading is the buying and selling of stocks on that same day during the trading hours. If you have not sold the stocks by the end of the trading session, it will automatically be sold by the end of the session. Generally, stocks are bought and sold in large numbers with the objective of booking profit.

Carry forward trading enables you to purchase the shares and not sell them on the same day but you should have enough margin in your account if you desire to carry forward your stock otherwise we would have to sell it the very next day at the current price.

Delivery Trading is the buying of shares that can only be sold after they are delivered by the broker. There is no compulsion of buying or selling the shares within a day. You have to pay the full price of the stock and they automatically get deposited in your Demat You can keep for as long as you wish to.

A Cover Order is an intraday order which is followed by a mandatory Stop Loss Order. Hence, two orders can be placed at one time. This helps traders minimise their losses by protecting themselves from unexpected market fluctuations. A Cover Order can be placed either as a Market order, when the order executes at the current price or as a Limit Order, when the price of the share hits the desired entry price. The stop-loss order cannot be cancelled.

Bracket order is a special type of order where you can enter a new position on intraday orders with extra exposure along with the protection through target exit and a stop loss order. It helps to limit your stock and lock in the profit. Through BO, you can place three orders at once. Once the main order is executed the system will place two more orders. As soon as one of the two orders is executed, the other order will get cancelled.

The terms "stocks" and "equity" are interchangeable because both are exchanged on stock markets and signify ownership in a company.

Equity market is a place where stocks and shares of companies are traded. The equities that are traded in an equity market are either over the counter or at stock exchanges. Often called as stock market or share market, an equity market allows sellers and buyers to deal in equity or shares in the same platform.

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