Company Valuation Services

Company Valuation Services By Swastika

Swastika Investmart is known for its analysis and proficiency in identifying the right company valuation and help startups and SMEs to go public with the right company valuation. With the state of the art methodologies and 29 years of unmatched market expertise in business valuation services, Swastika helps the associated patrons, stakeholders, promoters and potential investors in getting the best company valuation when businesses are struggling to perform, thereby providing a fair business valuation to the company and thereby strengthening investor’s confidence.

Swastika’s company valuation pedagogy includes:

Strengthening the company’s valuation

Providing Financial advice for SMEs

Merchant Loan Syndication

Apart from that, Swastika has successfully launched various IPO’s including Sharika enterprises, Zodiac energy limited, Innovana Thinklabs ltd and more.

Top Reasons Why Companies Issues IPO

Whenever a company decides to grow, it realizes IPO to raise its capital. With raising capital, they may be able to purchase additional property, equipment, R&D.

Besides, they can generate new potential customers who are ready to invest in their company. Swastika’s IPO valuation services will give you a clear picture of the IPO.

For instance, the company assists you in selecting the right IPO valuation methods, how the value of IPO share prices are determined in the stock market, Pre IPO valuation and more.

Need for Business Valuation

Business valuation is the dire need of any business, whether it is small, medium or large. Without having a proper assessment, you can’t determine the value of a business.

It is recommended that every business owner should have its company valuation as it allows you to get a real understanding of your company. It can be performed with the help of asset’s values, a company’s cash flows.

Measuring the business valuation of a company can tell you about the present growth of your company.

Swastika’s business value services give you complete support regarding business valuation services. It will give you a clear assessment of your company’s value. Besides, you can plan your business growth in future as well.

The Purpose of Company Valuation

One of the main purposes of company valuation is to sell the product of the business and increase its brand awareness. Other purposes are negotiation and improving business performance, assisting founders in evaluating companies.

At Swastika, you will get quality business valuation services at minimum prices. Besides, you will get a complete analysis of company valuation along with the past and present reports.

A detailed analysis will help you get a thorough knowledge of business valuation with the valuation of capital investments, the value of capitalization, the value of capital investments and more.

Investment valuation for a company

Valuation of a business is the first step in securing capital. If you are borrowing a good amount of capital for your business, the lender, on the other hand, definitely wants to know about the existing leverages in your company. With the aid of Swastika’s company valuation services, you will get genuine tips regarding company valuation, capital investments and securing capital for your business.

Benefits of obtaining a Company Valuation

1. A better understanding of a company’s assets

For a business owner, it is important to find out the detailed assessment of the business assets because, with financial figures, you will get a clear understanding of how much you can reinvest into the company.

2. Obtaining accurate company value

Obtaining a company value is important because it helps you to know about the preservation of money, growth, the future value of the business, and future development of businesses.


Company valuation is important for any business as it helps to determine the company’s financial worth. Other benefits of assessing a company’s valuation include market capitalization, fundraise, analysis of asset’s value, reverse cash flows and more.

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