Are Investors at risk?

May 26, 2022 1 min read

IPO trend

Mr. Sunil Nyati, Managing Director of Swastika Investmart Limited shared in Financial publications that Companies that have good fundamentals, strong management, and promoters, growth and their financial track record are good,one has to not worry about them. Even though their listing has been affected in the current correction of the market, these companies will continue to improve their business along with the economic recovery of the country. But IPOs of companies that do not meet these factors and enter with high valuations are raising concerns. Investors are advised to stay away from such IPOs. Kindly refer to the link below

Publication: Financial Express (Hindi)
Headline: उथल-पुथल भरे बाजार में एक के बाद एक आ रहे हैं IPO, क्या मुश्किल में फंस रहे हैं निवेशक?