10 Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks For 2021 in India

10 Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks For 2021 in India

Technology has been evolving over the past decades. Among all the innovations that have recently been made such as machine learning, Bitcoin, autonomous vehicles, AI or artificial intelligence is something new that has the power to change the way of world’s working.

Today, we can see some of the greatest companies have started using chatbots to provide efficient, more accurate customer services laced with deep linking capabilities and detailed algorithms. Cloud computing is another way that has completely changed the way of storage.

Hence, investing in companies that work on AI are uncommon as you may imagine. Investing in AI stocks helps individuals to foster their wealth creation and build a strong yet better strong portfolio management.

Stocks of these companies experience drastic growth these years. If investors seek trading in these stocks, they would earn significant benefits in the long term.

Today many Indian startups include AI packed solutions in numerous sectors such as education, financial sectors, health etc. to attenuate social issues people are facing these days. 

If you are thinking about investing in AI stocks, you may be able to make a significant amount of profit in the long run. 

Here, we mention some of the companies that are primarily focused on AI businesses in India. Also, these companies are holding excellent business and technical fundamentals, have little debt and are offering better investment returns.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes in robots that are trained enough to ponder and behave exactly like humans. AI itself has the potential to add US $ 977 billion or 15% of India’s present GDP.

The combination of technology, skill and data enables intelligent systems propelling AI investments to new heights.

1. Tata Elxsi

Over the last two decades, Tata Elxsi has been accelerating technology-based advancements. It enables a wide spectrum of breakthroughs powered by AI along with analytics including self-driving cars and video analytics solutions. 

Tata Elxsi Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence addresses the increasing demand for intelligent systems. 

Tata Elxsi allows its customers to use cloud-based integrated data analytics frameworks that feature patent-pending technology to get actionable insights and outstanding returns. 

If we talk about the performance of Tata Elxsi In the last three years, then the stock returned 174.89%, while Nifty IT provided investors 106.55% returns.

In the fiscal year ending 31 March 2021, the company spent less than 1% of its operating revenues.

2 . Bosch

Bosch centre for AI started in 2017, where cutting edge AI technology is used in Bosch products and services that leads to new innovative solutions.

Bosch created the technological groundwork for AI that has a huge impact in the real world. Its research produces differentiation in six areas with a focus mainly on core AI technology.

If we talk about the performance of Bosch, then you will be surprised to know that only 1.08% of trading sessions had intraday drops of more than 5%.

The stock earned a negative return of -15.94% over a three year period, compared to 44.16% for the NIfty 100 Index.

3. Zensar Technologies

Zensar technologies go to market strategy is now pivoting away from digital and towards disruptive. The company’s R&D department has filed for 100 patents in the last few years. Now, the company’s entire focus is on AI technologies. 

Zensar announced the initial set of platforms including IT, supply chain, marketing, sales, HR, projects and programs that help customers to create value.

In the past three years, stock provided a 15.63% return as compared to Nifty IT that returned 106.55% returns to the investors.

4. Persistent Systems

Persistent made machine learning and AI dreams into reality with solutions that help at every stage of AI and machine learning development.

With a methodology that prioritizes scale model development, use case, architecture, and operationalise models across the country, our solutions ensure that you realize successful outcomes from AI and machine learning investments.

The annual sales growth of Persistent is 16.16% that surpassed the company’s three-year CAGR of 10.75%.

In the last three years, the stock gave returns of 208.41% which is more than Nifty IT which was 106.55%.

5. Oracle Financials

Oracle helps you in implementing AI in your company and IT processes.

Oracle Cloud Application and platform and Oracle Autonomous database, you can speed up the automation, reduce human errors and achieve powerful business insights. If we talk about the performance, then the company gave intraday gains which are more than 5%.

6. Cyient

Cyient is an Indian multinational conglomerate primarily focused on manufacturing, engineering, data analytics and network and operations. Cyient’s primary objective is to achieve business objectives first than new tools and technologies.

It uses AI for secondary purposes, as AI detects changes in the real environment and updates maps in real-time.

Proper navigations help vehicles to take appropriate actions so that they can successfully avoid collisions.

As said earlier, Cyient focuses on business in attaining their goals.

If we talk about its stock performance, then the stock gave returns 24.4% over a three year period while Nifty IT gave a whooping return of 106.55% to the investors.

7. Saksoft

Saksoft mainly focuses on getting transformations through efficiency, productivity, enhanced customer decisions and service innovations by increasing the combination of AI and automation. 

Saksoft gives a boost to digital transformation and applies intelligent automation to solve major business problems with the assistance of modern technology like IoT, AI, machine learning and automation.

Saksoft gave a return of 118.06%, while Nifty IT provided investors with a 106.55% return for more than three years.

Final Words

Artificial intelligence has reached almost every sector. It can be easily seen around you through various devices. Smart TV, cellphone, smart home technology are some of the devices that can be surrounded in your home.

This technology is changing the way of living such as working out, running a business, connecting with others and more.

This year people are more interested in energy stocks, high tech stocks such as AI. That’s the reason, such stocks are demandable as they will see outstanding returns in the future.

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