Introduction to Stock Trading

Introduction to Stock Trading – A Beginners Guide

To understand stock trading thoroughly, first, you have to understand the basics of stocks and the stock market.


The ownership of a portion of a corporation is represented by a security called a stock, sometimes referred to as equity. As a result, the stockholder is entitled to a share of the corporation’s assets and income in proportion to the number of shares they possess. “Shares” are the unit of stock.

In other words, in order to raise money to run their businesses, corporations issue (sell) stock. Depending on the type of shares held, the shareholder who purchases stock also purchases a portion of the corporation’s assets and profits. In other words, a shareholder now owns stock in the corporation issuing the stock.

Types of Stock

There are two main types of stock:

Common Stock-

The most basic stock is Common Stock. Owning common stock entitles you to vote at a company’s annual meeting on matters such as board members and other corporate matters. Typically one vote per share. For instance, a shareholder holding five shares of Company ABC would only be entitled to five votes.

Preferred Stock-

Common stock is issued by all publicly traded firms, but only a few also issue preferred stock. The preferred stock offers its owners guaranteed dividends as well as the opportunity for price growth similar to that seen with common stock. The preferred stock dividend may be higher if a company’s common stock pays dividends. Additionally, preferred stockholders are more likely to receive compensation if the business goes bankrupt or insolvent.

What is Stock Market

Securities like stocks and bonds are bought and sold on a network of exchanges known as the stock market.

In addition to generating and sustaining wealth for individual investors, the stock market assists businesses in raising capital to fund operations.

Understanding Stock Trading

Stock trading is a type of investment that puts short-term profits ahead of long-term gains. Stock trading entails buying and selling company shares in an effort to make a profit from daily price fluctuations. The short-term price changes of these equities are actively monitored by traders, who subsequently attempt to buy low and sell high.

Stock traders differ from traditional stock market investors in that they take a short-term perspective rather than a long-term one.

While buying and selling individual stocks can result in quick profits for those who time the market right, there is also a risk of suffering significant losses. Unlike the market as a whole, a single company’s fortunes can rise faster but could tumble just as quickly.

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Benefits of Stock Trading

Many investors over the years, whether beginner or experienced, have made considerable profits by strategizing and investing in equities. The fact that some investors’ success formulas didn’t work at all, however, causes everyone to pause before investing in stocks or entering the stock market. There are greater chances of profiting from investments when an investor makes the right and proper judgments.

The stock market is, after all, extremely volatile. But compared to other investments, stock investing has a number of significant advantages.

Higher Returns in the Short Term

When compared to other investment options like bank FDs, investing in stocks has the potential to produce substantial returns in a short amount of time.

Flexibility to Make Smaller Investments

When an investor first decides to invest in the stock market, they might do so by buying stocks in smaller units from small- or mid-cap corporations.

Another significant benefit of investing directly in stocks is that investors can make their own purchasing decisions and are not required to make a certain monthly investment.

Hassle-free buying and selling process

All investors can buy and sell stocks using a simple approach. Stock purchases can be made online, through a financial advisor, or through a broker.

To open an account and begin trading, barely takes any time at all. An investor can quickly buy and sell stocks online without having to travel, and the proceeds are immediately credited to their bank account.

Continuous and Easy Transactions

When an investor buys stock in a specific company, they are essentially acquiring a share in that business. As a result, buying stocks will provide investors with a sense of ownership.

Having ownership entitles them to shareholder status and a significant voice in corporate decisions. Additionally, investors will have a voice in corporate choices.

Dividend Perks

A dividend is a payment made by a firm to its stockholders. In simpler terms, it is the yearly additional revenue that every company pays to investors.

The dividend payments will be made whether the stock has lost value or still represents a profit from the shares.

Dividend income can assist a shareholder in funding their retirement or adding to their portfolio over time by paying for other investments.

Investment Profits

The opportunity to increase one’s income is one of the main advantages of stock market investing. The values of a specific stock may increase or decrease over time if the value of the stock market increases.

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