From a “Broadline Distributor” to a “Value Added Distributor” to a “Services & Solutions Company”

Redington is a leading distributor of technology & communication products and provider of services and solutions across 37 emerging markets, Redington will get a positive push government is preparing to unveil another incentive to drive local manufacturing of IT products including tablets, laptops and servers, three sources closely involved in the drafting of the plan told Reuters.

The new performance-linked incentive (PLI) scheme, which offers cash-back to manufacturers for exports, will have a budget of up to 70 billion rupees ($964.5 million) over five years. It’s expected to be launched by the end of February.


    • 1 Technology distributor in Middle East Asia and No.2 in India
    • An Emerging Markets player with an in-country presence
    • Expanding the reach & coverage for over 230+ brands
    • Portfolio of Marquee brands
    • The rich product portfolio consists of diversified Brands and diversified product categories under the same brand.

Product Portfolio

  • Strong and seamless partnerships through 38,230+ partners – Their strong and seamless partnerships and dynamic business model ensure that we stay relevant in the everchanging technological environment.
  • Entering into new lines of business – Foraying into new lines of businesses, leading to incremental growth as well as diversification of risk
  • Multiple overseas and Indian Subsidiaries– Presence in multiple markets ensures diversification of risk as well as ensuring Kaizen’s continuous improvement.

IT Consumer Business

IT Consumer Contribution to Revenue

IT Enterprise Business –

IT Enterprise Contribution to Revenue

  • Redington Cloud Business – Unified Digital Cloud Platform, Investments in Manpower, Redington Managed Cloud Solutions, Redington Cloud Academy

Reddinton Registered Partner and More

Services Business

ProConnect Integrated Logistics

ProConnect India –

    • Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Redington
    • Integrated Third Party Logistics partner
    • PAN India presence
    • 160+ Warehouses
    • 20+ Customers across 12+ Industries

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