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Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple Netflix, etc have been household names in our homes and our lives, and it goes without saying that these will continue to become more prevalent and relevant in the years to come. But…why haven’t we been able to be a part of this bull ride? Just because these are international stock?

For a long time, the Fortune 500 and the S&P 500 have remained the domain of the rich and investments in the US stock market remained elusive to us; not anymore! With Swastika, you can make your investment portfolio diversified and invest in the US stock market with the simple click of a button.

With swastika, it is now possible to invest in companies you know and love, from all around the world.

Invest in US Stock Markets with Swastika at Zero Minimum Balance

With Swastika, you can invest in the US stock market without any minimum invest, absolutely at zero minimum balance!

Invest in U.S. Stock Markets with Swastika and Diversify your Portfolio Internationally

You can invest in multiple economies without any restrictions and lower your investment risk. With Swastika, you get a personalized team of experts.

Make your Investments International with Swastika

Go International and invest in futuristic global companies listed on US stock markets with Swastika. Grow your wealth with investments in the fastest growing companies in the US like never before!

    • Invest in Global Stocks & ETF
    • Hassle-free investments in S&P 500 Companies
    • 4,000+ International Securities
    • Fractional Shares of stocks with no minimum investment
    • Superior Returns, Corporate governance and Financial Transparency
    • AI-powered trading platform
    • Pay only when you trade
    • Get live market quotes & do real-time trading
    • Brokerage – 0.5% of transaction value
    • No hidden charges

Fractional Shares of Stocks

On our platform, you can invest in either full or fractional shares. If the investment is in full shares, then our broker partner, Drivewealth, will route the orders to market centres on an agency basis. If the investment is in fractional shares, our broker partner, Drivewealth, will satisfy the order form on its own account on a principal basis, at the National Best Bid or Offer. NBBO means that the broker partner cannot add a margin to the price. Therefore, any order for both full or fractional shares will be executed via both methods, part as an agent and part as a principle. Under the RBI’s Liberalised Remittance Scheme guidelines (LRS). Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has laid out a set of policies that governs the maximum amount and purposes of remittance. Under LRS, an Indian Resident can annually send or invest up to USD 250000 abroad without seeking approval from RBI. This scheme has simplified it for Indian residents to study abroad, travel and make investments in other countries. For latest up to date information, refer RBI’s website and also see article 6(iii) for specific LRS regulations regarding investment in equity. If you want to buy $50 dollar worth of a share of Apple or Microsoft, you can! WE have democratized access to international investing with fractional investments.

Value Partnership

Swastika has partnered with a US brokerage – DriveWealth. The US brokerage ecosystem recommends that every investor account should have insurance. DriveWealth is a member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which currently ensures your account against broker default by up to $500,000 of which $250,000 may be in cash.*

Start your global investment journey

Open a Demat Account – Only Just 3 steps

    1. Sign up & enter your details to open a US brokerage account.
    2. Fill up the KYC details, PAN & address and upload a photocopy of your documents.
    3. After KYC verification, add funds to your US brokerage account to start investing.

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