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IRCTC Shares Turn Ex-Split: Key Things to Know

On Thursday, the shares of IRCTC was revitalized 16% after the stock turned into an ex-split. The organization had fixed October 29 as the record day for the stock split in the proportion of 1:5. Earlier, the board of IRCTC had endorsed a stock split on August 12.

Essentially, this implies that each stock will be split into 5 shares This builds the liquidity of the stock by reducing its stock value, subsequently making it more reasonable for investors and traders.

On October 19, 2021, the stock made a record high of Rs1,279 (acclimated to stock split) and has increased the investor’s wealth to a greater extent, which is more than 100% in the recent months.

Understanding Stock Split

A stock split builds the number of portions of a firm. In this case, the total number of shares will uplift 5 times however the offer cost will decrease.

This doesn’t influence the market cap of the firm. Existing shares might slip yet the worth remains the same as before.

If we take the case of  IRCTC, if investors possess 5 shares of the organization, the number of shares will increment to 25. The price of the stock of each share will get reduced. However, their fundamental value will remain the same as before.

The primary reason behind the stock split is to make shares more reasonable for the investors. It happens after a significant run-up of a stock’s price.

Before declaring a stock split, the share price of IRCTC was around Rs 4000, even after a major decline from its all-time high of Rs 6,369.

Earlier, the stocks of IRCTC was quite expensive for small investors but after the stock split, the share prices had reduced to Rs 900, making it more appealing for investors.

It does not just advantage the current investors but also for the future investors. This is because IRCTC expanding the number of shares they hold.

It may be noted that there are no extra costs incurred during a stock split. The organization’s finances like revenue, income, operational expenses etc are not much affected after the stock split, nor is the market cap of the firm.

Objectives of IRCTC

Maximize the ROI by increasing areas of core competencies.

Increase business opportunities through effective partnership between public and private agencies.

Adopt ethical and strong work culture by teamwork as well as the reposition of Railways in the emerging economy.

Concern for heritage and environment.

To be totally friendly to customers and driven by the innovation, and development of human resources.

Analysts Recommendation on IRCTC

The fundamentals of IRCTC are very strong even before the stock split. Hence, the analysts recommended their investors hold their stocks instead of buying because of higher valuations. The split just makes the stock more appealing to the investors.

Aside from the stock split declaration, the sudden increase in railway bookings because the economy gets railed again and a decline in COVID cases are the positive news for the IRCTC stocks.


Online Ticketing

IRCTC has started an online rail ticketing system where any user can book a ticket via SMS or GPRS. It likewise gives an SMS office to check the current PNR status and live train status also.

Catering and Hospitality

IRCTC additionally offers catering administrations to its travelers by serving freshly cooked food. IRCTC has also taken the rights for onboard catering of food on all trains operated by Indian railways.

It also has cafeterias such as a food plaza, Jan Aahar at numerous railway stations.

IRCTC accepted its approval for the stock split solely after it declared its quarterly income in August.

IRCTC took this choice simply because it will assist the organization with improving its liquidity in the securities exchange, which thus makes shares accessible for the small financial backers and investors.

The organization further said that the approved offer capital will remain the same at Rs 250 Crore while post-split, the share price will increment up to 1,25,00,00,000 from 25,00,00,000.

IRCTC launched its IPO in October 2019 and thus it entered the primary market. Since launching, the company has also enjoyed its monopoly in the capital market because it’s the only company that provides and manages catering services to Indian Railways and at major units at railway stations.

It has been seen that after launching its IPO, the company has managed to give steady returns to its shareholders. The share price of IRCTC has increased more than 10 times from Rs 320 per share to Rs 3,790 within 2 years.

In the June quarter, the net profit of IRCTC has marked at Rs 82.5 crore, whereas its revenue rose up to Rs 257 Crore. Also, the company has increased its revenue to Rs 149 Crore and from the tourism category, the expected revenue was more than doubled to Rs 7 Crore.

Future Planning of IRCTC

The future plans of IRCTC are moving its business to transport, air tickets, tour and travel planners that could bring a new opportunity for the organization to reinforce its position.

IRCTC is the only approved organization that provide online tickets and catering services to the Indian Railways. Hence, we can say that it holds a pure monopoly in business.


Ex split of  IRCTC has various advantages as it improves the liquidity in the capital market to build the investor base and makes the share affordable to small investors.

If you are a newbie who wants to start investing in stocks, then IRCTC would be a safe game to play. IRCTC is a government-owned organization and hence investing in it will give you significant gain in the future.

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