List of Upcoming IPOs in India 2021

List of Upcoming IPOs in India (Updated List 2021)

IPO Season is On!

Like other months, this week will be a busy one on the IPO front. Here, we will discuss some of the companies that are likely to file or have drafted DRHP with SEBI for the initial public offering to make their company public limited from private limited.

In the IPO process, the company is required to file DRHP (draft red herring prospectus) and then final RHP (red herring prospectus). After the completion of these processes, SEBI approves the initial public offer for the companies and they are ready to get launched in the primary market.

Here is a complete list of IPOs in September 2021:

    • Sansera Engineering Limited
    • Paras Defence and Space Technologies
    • Arohan Finance Services Limited IPO
    • MobiKwik IPO
    • Seven Islands Shipping IPO
    • Aadhar Housing Finance IPO
    • Ruchi Soya Industries FPO
    • ESAF Small Finance Bank
    • PayTM IPO
    • LIC IPO

 IPO Launches Later in 2021

    • Nykaa
    • LIC
    • Bajaj Energy
    • Penna Cements
    • Paytm IPO
    • Annai Infra Developers
    • Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels
    • Samhi Hotels

Now, let’s discuss the IPOs that may hit the primary market in 2021

1) Sansera Engineering Limited IPO

Sansera Engineering Limited is an engineering-led integrated manufacturing company that develops complex and critical engineered products in various sectors mainly automotive and non-automotive sectors.

If we talk about the automotive sector, the company primarily manufacturers and supply a wide range of machined components and assemblies such as rocker arm, gear shifter fork, crankshaft, stem comp, aluminum forged parts that are essential for engine, transmission, suspension, braking and other systems that are used for a two-wheeler, passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle verticals.

In the non-automotive sector, the company manufactures and supplies critical yet precision components for aerospace, agriculture, off-road and other things including capital goods.

2) Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited IPO

As of December 2020, the company is known as the third largest seaborne logistics company in India by deadweight tonnage. As per the CRISIL Report, In 2020, the company held a significant market share in crude oil imports.

The company is involved in liquid products such as white oil, black oil, lube oils etc. Furthermore, the company is also engaged in crude oil logistics where it transports the crude oil in vessels classified as Suezmax and Very Large Crude Carriers.

3) Arohan Financial Services Limited IPO

Arohan Financial Services Limited is a leading NBFC-MFI mainly operated under low-income states in India. Arohan’s main objective is to provide income-generating loans and financial inclusion related products to the people who are not capable of accessing financial services or who have limited access.

Arohan offers a broad range of financial products to under served customers. The financial products are classified into credit and insurance products that include income-generating loans for numerous household purposes.

Also, the company generates several insurance products that include life cover and health insurance covers that are underwritten by certain insurance companies with whom the company has done tie-ups.

4) MobiKwik IPO

MobiKwik is a fintech company that is one of the largest mobile wallets yet largest buy now pay later players in India.

As we have seen digital payment has been rapidly growing in India but the credit card penetration is still only 3.5%. Keeping in mind, MobiKwik comes with an idea to promote digital payment with a unique concept of buy now pay later.

The company was founded in 2009 by Bipin Preet Singh and Upasana Taku, who came up with an idea to start a mobile wallet to make digital payments convenient for users.

Here, the services provided by MobiKwik includes digital bill payment, food delivery, petrol pump, eCommerce shopping, large retailer chain, grocery shops and more. The platform also enables peer to peer payments through Unified payment interface or UPI or MobiKwik Wallet to bank payments.

5) Seven Islands Shipping IPO

Seven Islands Shipping Limited is a Mumbai based liquid seaborne liquid logistics company that has been operating ocean-going for the past 19 years after coming under the Companies Act 1956.

Also, the company is committed to safe transportation with efficient services and cleaner seas. They do all the transportation with a huge responsibility such as safety of life at sea and thus ensuring a cleaner environment which in turn maintains high standards of their fleet.

Seven Island Shipping Limited currently owns a fleet of 21 vessels – 2 crude oil tankers and 18 product carriers.

6) Aadhar Housing Finance IPO

Aadhar Housing Finance Limited is one of the leading affordable housing finance companies that is known for fulfilling the home financing needs of the low-income sections of society.

With a motive to provide a home to underserved millions, Aadhar offers a wide range of mortgage-related loan products including loans for residential property purchase and construction, home improvement and extension loans, loans for commercial properties and construction and acquisition.

7) Ruchi Soya Industries FPO

Ruchi Soya Industries is one of the leading FMCG brands in the Indian edible oil sector. If we talk about the soya foods, Ruchi soya comes as the largest manufacturer of soya foods with a presence in almost the entire value chain in upstream and downstream business with secured palm plantation.

8) ESAF Small Finance Bank

ESAF Small Finance Bank is one of the leading small finance banks in India in terms of CAGR, AUM, client base size, the yield on advances, net interest margin in rural and semi-urban areas and the ratio of microloan advances to growth advances.

9) Paytm IPO

Paytm covers payments (wallet/UPI), merchant acquiring, credit saving, insurance and broking services to upgrade its e-commerce/e-ticketing platform. As of now, Paytm covers over 350 million installed base, 50 million active user base, and over 20 million merchant base. Paytm has around 100 million users which are KYC compliant.

10) LIC (Life Insurance Corporation)

In India, there are nearly 24 life insurance companies currently in operation. Out of which LIC comes at the top place with a market share of 69% in FY20. LIC comes under the government segment that holds a 95% stake in the overall company.


The IPOs that are stated above are not the only ones for this month. Many of the IPOs are still in the pipeline and may expect to get launched in the primary market by 2021 i.e may be in the month of November and December.

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