tips to learn stock market trading in India

Tips and Tricks to Learn Stock Market Trading in India

Share market is a place where everyone wants to make money through investments irrespective of terms. Many investors are masters in doing intraday trading, however, some of them want to play safe and often go for long term investments.

For beginners, it is always difficult to decide whether to invest or not to invest in the stock market as they think that stock trading is full of risks. Well, they are not wrong. Although the share market is full of risks, it offers a huge positive return to many investors.

To successfully trade in the stock market, all you need is to learn some highly impactful tricks and tactics and you are ready to go.

Before you get a deep dive into stock market trading:

Let’s understand the basics first.

Demat and Trading Account

This is the foremost step to enter into the stock market. Opening a Demat account is a must as without it you can’t trade online. Demat account is a dematerialization where you can buy, sell and hold your shares in a dematerialized form. Once you open a Demat account, you can start to invest in the stock market.

Stock Market Research

Many beginners believe that stock research is not that important, they instead rely on futile stock tips and unreliable sources.

As you all know, financial markets are full of risks, inconsistencies and volatility. Therefore it is crucial to do a bit of research and planning before buying any stock.

Stock market research and analysis are crucial for any investor because it helps them to get the full insight of stocks such as stock’s history, its past performance, its share price and trends.

Based on the research, you can get an idea when the stock will give you a positive return or not.

Difference Between Primary And Secondary Market

When a company first time lists its shares (IPO) in the share market, it is known as the primary market. Once the shares get listed on the stock exchange, the company gets an authority to trade in the market, which is termed as the secondary market.

Who determines the share price in the Stock Market?

The share market majorly depends on demand and supply. When a company is earning many profits, its share prices go up. As the demand for the stocks goes high, more investors want to buy those stocks which in turn increase the prices of stocks or vice versa.

Role of Broker in Share Market

A stockbroker assists you in buying and selling of shares. Apart from helping in buying and selling, they also provide tips and recommendations on stocks such as which stocks one should buy, how to successfully invest in the share market, which is the best time to sell a share and more.

The Bottom Line

The stock market is indeed a great way to achieve financial gains. Anyone who has done enough research and analysis can easily earn money from the stock market. Although there are many risks and uncertainty associated with the stock market, a smart investment will definitely give you positive returns. For beginners, there are numerous stock broking companies available in India. These companies assist beginners in selecting the right investment type while trading in the stock market.

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